UPPAbaby 0056-COL Vista Stroller with Reversible Seat Review

UPPAbaby 0056-COL Vista Stroller with Reversible Seat

Parents who have owned previous strollers will definitely notice a big difference in performance, comfort, and functionality when they use the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. Buying a higher quality stroller has its benefits and they are very noticeable when in use.

First, this particular stroller comes with a separate bassinet which makes it easy to transport your little one from one place to the other even if they are sleeping. Additionally you don’t have to worry about buying a second stroller when you have two stroller aged children – this stroller is compatible with other stroller seats and you simply have to buy one fit for two!

With the elevated seat height, adjustable handle (great for tall or short parents!) , sturdy aluminum frame, reversible seat orientation, and the heavy duty tires, both you and your child will ride in comfort and style wherever you decide to go!

Product Features

  1. Holds children from birth up to 50 pounds
  2. Rubber tires and aluminum wheels
  3. SPF 50 canopy (removable)
  4. Bassinet and seat included
  5. Lightweight aluminum frame
  6. Adjustable: seat angle, seat height, and handle

Product Details

  1. The popular stroller on Amazon.com weighs 24 pounds and is shipped with the following dimensions: 54.5” x 25” x 40”

Final Analysis

When considering the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller it is crucial parents look at all of their needs and the benefits that this particular stroller presents them. Fortunately those parents looking for a stroller for all uses will definitely enjoy this model. Although the price of this stroller is a little high the fact that it comes with a separate bassinet and it is much more durable than other strollers really helps make up people’s mind.

All in all this is definitely one of the better quality strollers. The wheels are really high quality and the reversible orientation helps with parent/child bonding. Additionally the bassinet is really handy and the canopy really works well. One thing parents may find a little awkward is how wide this particular stroller is and it is a little on the heavy side – very sturdy but heavy.

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2 thoughts on “UPPAbaby 0056-COL Vista Stroller with Reversible Seat Review”

  1. The Bugaboo is a really popular stroller that many people claim is the best. However, after comparing the Vista I bought to the Bugaboo, I chose the Vista. Why? It has everything I need including a bassinet.

    This company also goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer service. Not only did I get a great stroller but the service representatives were very helpful in answering my questions. Hopefully you can see for yourself how good of a purchase this stroller is and get one for yourself. The seat on this stroller is high enough to be comfortable for me (not so much bending down), and all in all I’m very happy with my purchase.

    Even though it costs a lot, I feel like my child is worth it. Compare this stroller to the other high end strollers on the market and you’ll see this is a best buy!

    Sheila, Jersey City, New Jersey

  2. I have owned three different strollers before this one. I have 4 kids now, and most of them have grown up. The newest addition to our family is enjoying what I’ve learned about strollers by getting the best of the best to begin with.

    With a bassinet that comes included with the stroller, transferring my child from here to there is easy. The frame is made of a sturdy aluminum metal and the rugged tires really help when the terrain gets a little rougher than usual. It will hold up to a 50 pound child, which made all the difference in my purchasing decision.

    Years of service out of one stroller and bassinet combination really makes me happy. It also has an adjustable seat height, angle, and handle to make the very best experience for my baby. With a price of $579.99, it’s no small expenditure, but look at everything that comes with it. This is money well spent.

    Jenny, Newark, New Jersey

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