The First Years Y11101 Indigo Stroller with Reversible Seat Review

The First Years Y11101 Indigo Stroller with Reversible Seat
The First Years Y11101 Indigo Stroller with Reversible Seat

With four different color options available parents can easily choose the perfect First Years Indigo Stroller for their child. These flashy and attractive strollers are capable of having children forward facing or rear facing and can handle children weighing up to fifty pounds.

One of the biggest issues parents have with strollers is the handle height since many tall parents find it uncomfortable if the handles are set. Thankfully First Years took this factor into consideration and made the handles adjustable!

Let your child ride in style in their eye catching new stroller! The comfort, lighter weight, and storing capabilities of this standard stroller make it an exceptional choice for parents who want the best!

Product Features

  1. Adjustable handle for taller parents
  2. Infant car seat attachment
  3. 50 pound weight capacity
  4. Forward or rear facing seat orientation
  5. Large durable wheels and an adjustable canopy for shade

Product Details

  1. 1. This best selling standard stroller on has a shipping weight of 22 pounds with shipping dimensions of 34.5” x 18.5” x 41”.

Final Analysis

The First Years Y11101 Indigo Stroller is definitely a high quality stroller that is perfect for younger children fifty pounds and younger. The universal attachment makes it easy to leave your child in their car seat without disturbing them and put the car seat on the stroller frame. If you use the regular seat that comes with the stroller you’ll have the luxury of switching the orientation to facing you or facing outward – perfect for parents who want to bond with their little ones more!

Overall it is very durable and has great storage features. The color is very eye catching, the storage for parents is convenient, and the ability to switch the orientation is priceless. This stroller is a little on the bulkier side but it folds down smaller when you take the seat off of it. Definitely a good deal for the price!

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2 thoughts on “The First Years Y11101 Indigo Stroller with Reversible Seat Review”

  1. This stroller really is one of a kind. It has all the features I need for a fraction of the price of other strollers. I did a lot of looking around online for the perfect stroller that was OK with my budget. This one is perfect in my opinion.

    The handles on this stroller are adjustable so that people of varying heights can push it around comfortably. I have a lot of friends that like to take the baby on a stroll, so this is great! It will last up until my child is 50 pounds, so I’m getting a great deal for the money. $164.85 blows away most other prices on the market.

    As far as reliability goes, I haven’t had any problems. This purchase has been one of the best experiences of my life and the price is perfect. If you need a budget stroller that is built to high quality standards, look no further.

    Jennifer, Buffalo , New York

  2. This stroller has a really small frame, making it really easy to get into tight spaces. I really am happy with my purchase because, for the price, there are strollers out there with the same features as this one that cost three times as much. It folds down flat which makes it really easy to store.

    It’s very comfortable for my baby and she really enjoys being in it. The wheels on this stroller are big enough to handle some gravel and that means I can take it more places. The colors on this stroller are a really stylish red.

    There is a bar that comes across the seat that’s really good for when my baby wants to “teeth”. It’s really modern looking and that gets me a lot of attention from people I meet. It accepts a lot of different car seats which will also prove to be a valuable feature for me.

    Shea, Toledo, Ohio

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