Joovy Caboose Double Baby Stroller Review

Joovy Caboose Double Baby Stroller

The Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller makes it easy to move around with two children. With this stroller an older child can easily hop on and ride in a standing position or simple sit of the padded seat when he gets tired. The younger child rides in the front.

The stroller comes with a convenient car seat attachment making it easy to attach any child car seat. Parents fair well with this stroller since its lightweight frame is easy to carry around and when folded it is so compact that it stores easily in most trunks. All that you need for your stroll can fit into the huge basket and handy storage pockets with this great stroller.

With your purchase you will receive the Joovy Caboose Stand On Stroller, removable child tray, sun canopy, storage basket, car seat adapter and instruction manual.

Features – Benefits:

1. The stroller comes with the convenient stand on rear extension.
2. Very compact the stroller takes up a minimum amount of space when folded.
3. Use the stroller with most infant car seats with the universal car seat attachment.
4. Store all your needs in the large storage baskets and side pockets.
5. Includes a child tray with 2-cup holders
6. Quickly collapse the stroller with the easy trigger button.

Product – Shipping Details:

1. The Product dimensions are 41.4 x 21.2 x 36 inches.
2. Total shipping weight is 34.8 pounds.
3. This product has a 4.0 rating on Amazon based on the reviews of 293 customers.
4. Shipping available in the US only and to select countries outside the U.S.

Final Analysis

The Joovy Caboose Double Baby Stroller is a great investment for moving around with two children. It takes up a small amount of wheel space so it fits nicely through doorways and narrow aisles.

It is most definitely the lightest, most compact and affordable double stroller that you will ever find. Although the stroller does not include a parent tray that extra can be added easily for a small extra cost. All in all the Joovy Caboose is a great stroller at a great price.

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2 thoughts on “Joovy Caboose Double Baby Stroller Review”

  1. The Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Double Baby Stroller (funny name, great performance) is exactly what I want and need in a double baby stroller. The great thing about this baby stroller is that it comfortably fits my two kids. My toddler stands in the back (and can also sit when he gets tired), and my baby (infant) rides in the front. This design makes it very easy to maneuver and I’m really happy about that.

    If you have kids that are spaced a couple of years apart, which is why this double stroller is designed this way, then you’ll be happy as a lark. It’s a much better value for the money than you’ll find in most traditional strollers, and if my toddler needs to sit down instead of stand up (thank God) she can do that.

    My infant is happy as always in the front seat, and the harness buckles even come with reflective straps, making it a safe ride for them as well. For the money I paid for this double stroller, I couldn’t be happier with the performance. My kids are safe, secure, and above all else, finally happy to be in a stroller.

    Debra, Glendale, California

  2. So it finally came time to find a double stroller because my kids started liking each others company again. Who knew that would ever happen? Instead of separate strollers, they are now demanding that I use this stroller instead.

    No problem, I thought. It’s easy to maneuver and my child really likes the stand up position. For my baby infant, the front seat is hers for keeps. This is the greatest option I know of until my toddler gets big enough to come with me by herself on walks.

    The price is easy on my finances and Appletree really made this unit quite affordable. Lots of people seem to like this stroller and it scored really well in the review area of Amazon, which is how I came across it in the first place. Surprisingly, this stroller folds up smaller than many single strollers I’ve owned.

    This is a godsend because I really needed a stroller that I could store easily in the back of my care. With this stroller it’s not a problem at all. Buy this stroller if you have two kids, an infant and a toddler. The few years apart make a stroller like this a necessity.

    Janet, Salt Lake City, Utah

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