JJ Cole Broadway Stroller Review

The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is perfect for modern and stylish parents wanting to have a functional stroller. With a full 360 degree rotation parents can easily have their child facing them or facing outward.

JJ Cole Broadway Stroller

JJ Cole Broadway Stroller

Additionally the adjustable handlebar is a godsend for most parents since others go on an “average height” and fixed handles can cause major problems for taller or shorter parents.

Additionally this particular JJ Cole stroller holds your child clear from infancy to early childhood or until they weigh fifty pounds. This makes it convenient and affordable since this stroller will be the only one parents will ever need!

Product Features

  1. Holds children from birth up to fifty pounds
  2. One hand fold with an easy to remove bumper bar
  3. Handles can be adjusted for shorter or taller parents
  4. Converts from bassinet to toddler stroller seat in moments
  5. Orientation can be parent facing or outward facing

Product Details

  1. This popular standard stroller on Amazon.com ships only to the United States and has a shipping weight of 34.8 pounds.

Final Analysis

The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is definitely a higher end stroller but it really is worth the extra money. First off the four wheels provide a ton of stability while you and your child are out and about. Additionally there is tons of storage room below that is very easy to access.

One of the best features about this particular stroller is its ability to grow with your child. It can either lay flat or it can sit like a normal stroller making it perfect for newborns and for a place to do a diaper change if you are in a bind.

While the seat isn’t as high some would like, it does hold children up to fifty pounds and it is durable enough that it can easily last through multiple kids should you decide to enlarge your family later on!

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2 thoughts on “JJ Cole Broadway Stroller Review”

  1. The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller has been the single best stroller I have ever purchased. I paid a lot for it, but in the end this is the last stroller you’ll ever need. It really stands up to use quite well and will give you the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with a quality product.

    It rotates 360 degrees which makes it easy for your child to face any way he or she wants. The handlebar adjusts to fit parents of any height and that means that both partners will be able to use it efficiently. It will be useful until your child is over 50 pounds, which means years of trouble free use. I have converted this from a bassinet to a toddler stroller in a matter of moments.

    I’m able to fold it down with one hand and that makes it easy to store away. Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase and it’s well worth the money to have a stroller that lasts.

    Lynn, Cleveland, Ohio

  2. So I just became a new mother and I have a really good job. I make tons of money every year and wanted the very best stroller for my child. After many recommendations from friends, I finally decided to scour Amazon for the very best stroller I could find.

    the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller has been everything I’ve ever wanted in a baby stroller and more. It swivels, 360 degrees, to allow my baby to face the way he wants. I frequently change the color of the canopy, which is another cool feature. I don’t have to look at the same color all the time.

    As far as maneuverability goes, this stroller is tops. It allows me to shop with my husband at grocery stores and either one of us can push it because the handlebar adjusts in height. Great job on this stroller JJ Cole, you really did a great job!

    Amy, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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