Graco Spree Baby Travel System Review

Graco Spree Travel System

With the Graco Spree Travel System neither you nor baby will have to sacrifice when it comes to comfort and convenience when moving around. With super additions like multi position reclining seat, cup holders, a storage basket that is easy to access, one hand folding and a child cup/snack tray, every foreseeable need of mother and baby has been considered.

For a complete travel system that has the rated several times by top magazines there is no better choice than this Graco Spree Travel System.

Included with the purchase are the Spree stroller, the Graco SnugRide car seat, base for car seat and instruction manual.

Features – Benefits:

1. Stroller will safely accommodate a child up to 40 pounds while the car seat will accommodate up to 22 pounds.
2. The SnugRide infant car seat has been rated several times as among the best car seats available.
3. Conveniently store hot or cold drinks in the parent tray that features two cup holders and a compartment for storage.
4. Fold the stroller with one hand without too much effort and no bending.
5. The system has been tested rigorously and exceeds the required safety standards for the U.S.

Product – Shipping Details:

1. Product dimensions are 35.8 x 19.2 x 18.4 inches.
2. Shipping weight is 37.4 pounds.
3. This product has a 4.5 rating on Amazon based on the reviews of 46 customers.
4. Shipping available in the US only.

Final Analysis

The Graco Spree Travel System is a great buy. Out of the box the system is easy to assemble and it truly gets the job done with a lot of style (not necessary but certainly a plus!). The car seat is also easy to install in the car and once installed it’s as simple as snapping the seat in and out.

The stroller has lots of storage space to hold diaper bags, bottles, toys etc. Baby will love the ride and when you’re done folding is really simple and the stroller will slide right into a mid-sized trunk with room to spare.

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2 thoughts on “Graco Spree Baby Travel System Review”

  1. I was originally given this baby stroller as a gift and boy am I happy about it. It’s a stroller/car seat combination and is perfect for my baby. It’s useful to know that the stroller will accommodate my baby at a weight of up to 40 lbs, and the car seat is safe for 22 lbs.

    The Graco Spree Baby Travel System includes the SnugRide infant car seat. It really does provide a snug ride and my baby has never been happier. The two cup holders really make things easier as far as storing hot and cold drinks are concerned.

    One thing I really liked to hear about this baby stroller/car seat combination is that it has been rigorously tested and exceeds requirements set out by U.S. law. Learning that made me feel safe and secure and made me feel better overall about the gift I received. So far I’ve owned it for 5 months and couldn’t be happier with the performance.

    I would recommend this baby stroller/car seat combination to pretty much anyone who has a baby in the accepted weight range. I was looking at the listed price online and it isn’t too bad. Maybe I’ll give one of these as a gift, seeing as I like it so much.

    Samantha, Boston

  2. This is an incredibly easy to assemble baby stroller. It’s also easy to install in the car. I decided to go shopping for baby strollers online, read the reviews, and finally came to the conclusion that this is the baby stroller for me. It’s very easy on the eyes and is a joy to look at. It folds easily and fits well inside a midsize car trunk.

    I noticed that the colors are kind of neutral and are good for both genders. I have two kids, a boy and a girl, both about the same age so I know this for sure. Everything about putting this stroller together is a breeze. Everything just snapped together and there wasn’t a bunch of screws to mess with.

    Overall I’m happy with my purchase and would make the same purchase again if given the chance. The lining on the Graco Spree justs wipes clean, making for very easy upkeep. The tray moves sideways so I can easily get my babies out of the stroller when I need to.

    I’m pretty sure this baby stroller is going to last me years and years and I didn’t overpay for it either. It was a good deal and I’m thankful for the Graco product line. Good job Graco!

    Jamie, Los Angeles

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