Contours Options 3 Wheel Baby Stroller Review

Contours Options 3 Wheel Stroller

Get more bang for your buck with the Contours Options 3 Wheel Stroller. The stroller is built to last and is super lightweight compared to other strollers making it easy for parents to take around when on the move. The stroller can be used all the way from infancy to the late toddler stages.

Bonus features like adjustable seat recline, adjustable foot rest and movable canopy provides for everything to keep baby in comfort. Parents will appreciate the ease of folding and upright stand.

Included with the purchase are the Contours Option 3 Wheel Stroller, car seat, base for car seat, 5 point harness and instruction manual.

Features – Benefits:

1. Position child to face either the front or rear with the reversible car seat.
2. Reclining seat and a 5-point harness with height adjustments.
3. Car seat adjustment that will accommodate almost all available brands.
4. Easy to move front bar and child cup holder.
5. Parent tray has cup holders that are deep enough to accommodate bottles and cups.
6. Sunrider canopy that has adjustable height settings.
7. Easy trigger for collapsing stroller quickly without the fuss.

Product – Shipping Details:

1. Product dimensions are 47 x 26.5 x 42 inches.
2. Shipping weight is 35 pounds.
3. This product has a 4.5 rating on Amazon based on the reviews of 21 customers.
4. Shipping available in the US only and to select countries outside the U.S.

Final Analysis

The Contours Options 3 Wheel Stroller may very well be one of the best strollers that you will ever purchase. Baby can face you or face the rear while driving, you decide. The handle on the stroller is big and has good cushion which makes holding on much better.

Although the wheels are not air tires they do ride well over bumpy terrain and the storage basket has a lot of room and is easily accessible. The only major downside to this stroller is that fact that it takes some time to assemble but once you do it will be smooth sailing from there on.

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2 thoughts on “Contours Options 3 Wheel Baby Stroller Review”

  1. I really like the colors and design of the Contours Options 3 Wheel Baby Stroller. This was recommended to me by another Mom and she says that her child just adores being in it. It’s really a godsend when someone tells you something useful like that.

    I’m a bit on the tall side and the tall handlebar is perfect for me. It pushes really easy and it has a large enough storage compartment to fit all my baby stuff in. Bottles, diapers, pretty much everything.

    People give me lots of compliments on how nice my stroller looks, but that isn’t what I was after in the stroller itself. I wanted functionality above all else and I got it. I like the fact that it turns quickly and easily, even stops on a dime. You can choose to have the seat facing front or facing rear, that helps. Let’s see what else? Oh, the manual wasn’t all that good, I thought I would mention that. It was a bit difficult to put together but once I got the hang of it everything was fine.

    Ruth, Reno, Nevada

  2. I’m going to start by listing the features that I really like about this stroller.

    1. It’s super lightweight

    2. It’s good for infants and toddlers alike

    3. Adjustable seat

    4. The seat reclines

    5. Canopy can be positioned to keep sun off the baby

    6. Child cup holders that move

    So you see, this stroller has made my life and my baby’s life easier in a lot of ways. Not only is it super easy to push around due to its lightweight construction, it also helps that it’s so adjustable in nature. I’ve owned this 3 wheel baby stroller for over a year now and can’t really complain. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best baby strollers that I’ve found for the price. It’s better than my old Graco travel system and I tell everyone that I know about this stroller.

    The three wheel design really helps in rough terrain and the included sunshade is really tall. Tall enough to where my baby’s head won’t touch it. Perfect. I also like that the storage basket is big enough for most of my supplies, and what I can’t keep with the baby I keep out in the car, so no big deal. Although my baby isn’t big enough to walk yet, this stroller is designed to allow her to get out and walk around when she needs to. This will help a lot as she grows used to being in the stroller. Overall a great buy and I’d buy it again.

    Laura, Scottsdale, Arizona

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