Britax B-Ready Baby Stroller Review

The Britax B-READY Stroller is a mixture of versatility, great design and a host of features that every parent will love. The stroller easily adapts as baby moves from infancy to a growing toddler so there will not be a need to purchase another stroller as baby grows.

Britax USA B-Ready Stroller

Britax USA B-Ready Stroller

Use the Britax Chaperone Car Seat or any other car seat (purchase separately) to move baby around in the stroller. Use the top seat in forward or backward positions and adjust the seat using the multiple reclining options. With up to 14 different configurations it is easy to accommodate another child in the stroller with the help of some extra accessories.

Included with the purchase are the BRITAX B-READY Stroller and child seat, an infant car seat adapter, parent cup holder, rain cover and the instruction manual.

Features – Benefits:

1. Included car seat adapted makes it easy to use Britax car seats and bassinets in the stroller.
2. Use car seats from other brands with the Britax adapter kit.
3. Convert the stroller to easily accommodate two children.
4. Up to 14 different configurations for the stroller.
5. Front or rear facing seat with options different positions for recline.
6. Easily access the under seat storage from any angle.
7. Adjustable canopy includes a sun visor and a ventilation window.

Product – Shipping Details:

1. Product dimensions are 40.8 x 26.5 x 45 inches.
2. Shipping weight is 36.3 pounds.
3. This product has a 4.5 rating on Amazon based on the reviews of 116 customers.
4. Shipping available in the US only and to select countries outside the U.S.

Final Analysis

The Britax B-READY Baby Stroller costs as much as two times more than other strollers but it is worth every penny. The stroller is very configurable and the possibilities seem almost endless. It is so easy to move around even on winding or uneven surfaces. Another great feature of the stroller is the unbelievable amount of storage space. It will comfortably hold diaper bags, bottles, mom’s purse, shopping bags and more.

This stroller calls for some additional accessories if you want to make the most out of it and the accessories can be very pricey. With some research you may be able to locate some of them at discounted prices.

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2 thoughts on “Britax B-Ready Baby Stroller Review”

  1. The Britax B-Ready Stroller has all the features that I really wanted in a stroller to begin with. It has so many configurations for the stroller setup that the baby never gets bored. I have become accustomed to understanding which position she would like to be in through how she acts. This really helped my baby to communicate to me that she wants to be in this position or that.

    The price of this baby stroller is what really sold me. I was able to buy one for $378.99 with the personal confidence that this is the only stroller I’ll be needing from infant years to toddler. That sure put me at ease with my finances in this particular category and I was able to purchase a window ac unit this summer as well. Overall, if I could change one thing about the stroller, it would be to purchase it sooner. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of mine with no stop in sight. Thanks Britax!

    Michelle, Irving, Texas

  2. I considered the Britax B-Agile Baby Stroller and this one, the Britax B-Ready Baby Stroller. I chose this one because it allows my baby to grow with it instead of growing out of it. This model has a really nice handle and the top seat goes in forward and backward positions.

    It also reclines in more than one position and baby always has total comfort available. This baby stroller also works with my other Britax car seat, thanks to the Click and Go functionality.

    I notice that on long walks my baby stays comfortable and always lets me know when he needs his seat adjusted. This is a really neat feature of this baby stroller and I’m glad it has this functionality. Although this baby stroller will handle pavement just fine, I wish that it did better in bumpier terrain.

    It almost makes me wish that I got a jogger instead of a stroller, but overall I’m happy with my purchase and I think that the Britax line of baby strollers are truly top notch.

    Donna, Orlando, Florida

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