Baby Trend Expedition Travel System Review

Baby Trend Expedition Travel System

Parents wanting to purchase a travel system should definitely consider the Baby Trend Expedition Travel System. This beautiful orange colored car seat and stroller are the perfect travel system for newborns and children under fifty pounds.

The car seat itself attaches easily to the stroller base making it simply to move infants from the car to the stroller in a matter of moments. Additionally the stroller and the car seat each have a five point harness and a canopy to protect the child from the sun and wind.

With three wheels for stability, a durable frame, convenient storage for both parent and child, and tons of other convenient features, this Baby Trend Expedition is definitely a must have travel system for parents!

Product Features

  1. Holds children five to fifty pounds
  2. Has an adjustable canopy for sun and wind protection
  3. Allows parents to use the car seat and attach it to stroller
  4. Convenient storage tray for parents
  5. Five point harness and reclining seat

Product Details

  1. This popular travel system on ships with a weight of 41 pounds and dimensions of 44” x 22” x 46”.

Final Analysis

The Baby Trend Expedition Travel System is really an attractive car seat and stroller combo that not only works great but saves parents tons of money since it combines two essential seats that children need for transportation. The color scheme looks fantastic and works great for girls or boys and the car seat is definitely high quality. The seat has tons of padding but you will likely need a little more for newborns but that’s common.

Overall the assembly is very quick and it works great. Definitely a great travel system that is sold at a very reasonable price (much cheaper than some car seats alone!) but performs like a much higher quality product would. Highly recommended!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Trend Expedition Travel System Review”

  1. This travel system stroller is easy to fold and unfold and is light enough to be comfortable to use. I use this travel system a lot and travel with my children on an almost daily basis. If I could shake the hands of the people who made this stroller I would.

    The Baby Trend Expedition is a fantastic stroller system that goes above and beyond what I expected from it. Mine came in the color orange, which was really a hit with everyone I know. They just love it. It doesn’t ever squeak, it has big rubber tires, and provides a great amount of padding for a newborn. Everything about it is adjustable, which means that whether your child is tall or short, you can make it work.

    The turning on this stroller is also very responsive and it provides a great ride even through rough grass. It fits great in the back of my car and being able to fold this stroller down is important.

    Donna, El Paso, Texas

  2. It took me less than 10 minutes to set this stroller up. It’s a travel system stroller that has been wonderful so far. It fits babies up to 50 pounds, which is really great because I’ll get to use it for years.

    This travel system is good for moving children from the car seat to the stroller in a matter of minutes. Both the car seat and the stroller have a 5 point harness that really does a great job of keeping my baby safe. The frame is durable enough to last more than a few years and the three wheels add a lot to the stability factor.

    The canopy adjusts to offer a great deal of wind and sun protection, and everyone knows that protecting your baby from the elements is priority one. The storage tray really helps to keep me organized on busy days.

    Michelle, Columbus, Ohio

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