Aprica Presto Stroller Review

Aprica Presto Stroller

Parents wanting a lightweight stroller easy to put in and out of the car will enjoy the Aprica Presto Stroller. This stroller is very convenient for going on daily errands with your little one and can hold child up to seventy pounds easily.

The beautiful colors and comfortable fabric really make this stroller stand out and the high seat position allows your child to grow and still fit in this seat. A rain cover is included which lets you continue about your business even in in climate weather.

This Aprica stroller is perfect for busy parents who don’t want to spend their time fussing with a stroller!

Product Features

  1. Holds children from 12 pounds to 70 pounds
  2. Four wheels
  3. Folds up very compact and easily with one hand
  4. Has adequate ventilation inside the seat
  5. Color options: loft brown, metro orange, tea leaf green
  6. The high seat position allows the little one to grow and have adequate leg room

Product Details

  1. The Aprica Presto Stroller is a best selling standard stroller on Amazon.com. When shipped this stroller weighs only 13.7 pounds and has the following dimensions: 21.1” x 19.2” x 43.3”.

Final Analysis

With beautiful color options that definitely catch the eyes of anyone passing this Aprica Presto Stroller is both functional and chic. It is very lightweight however not a one handed stroller, even when folding – though still easy to fold just not with a child in your other hand!

The canopy for this stroller is already installed and has three different positions as well as a mesh window to view your child through which is very handy. The wheels are quite small however with four you can be sure that your child won’t be jostled around too much (just don’t go on rough terrain!).

This is definitely a solid and attractive lightweight stroller and, for the price, definitely a great deal!

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2 thoughts on “Aprica Presto Stroller Review”

  1. It finally came time for me to pick out a stroller for my baby, and I’m really glad that I found the Amazon website to do my shopping. Amazon has everything I need, from makeup to vitamins, and I got a really good deal on the Aprica Presto stroller I bought.

    One of my main concerns with umbrella type strollers is the finger amputations that I heard they caused. Many McLarens strollers got recalled because of this and I finally found this Aprica Presto stroller with a safe hinge mechanism. It’s been over a year now and I haven’t had a problem with anything.

    It’s actually quite a good stroller that provides more than enough room for my baby. One of the best parts about this stroller is that it’s rated at 70 pounds. I’ll be able to use the stroller for years!

    Lauren, Los Angeles

  2. With three height adjustments and a 5 point harness to keep my baby safe, I knew I had stumbled onto a great deal with the Aprica Presto stroller. The seat is really comfortable for my baby and the front wheels lock up tight when you have to go through things like sand. I’ve had the pleasure of using this stroller with just one hand and it handles perfectly.

    I like the sunshade and the fact that it folds down really easy. As far as price is concerned, I got a really good deal. I only paid $177 dollars for it and I know it’s going to last through my childs development. It’s spacious enough to be really comfortable for my child and that’s what’s important.

    The umbrella is really useful and keeps my baby out of the sun. You might be able to find this stroller in a color that you really like as there is more than one to choose from.

    Mary, New York City

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